Project 4X8 teardrop camper for sale. $2,000 value, $900 cash, it leaks!

 Needs to be Rebuilt, 740 pounds, has shock absorbers, easy pull, 2 inch ball

homemade 4X8 needs to be rebuilt

This little guy now goes to the next Teardrop Camper Trailer curious person

Such a great aluminum skinned, 4 by 8 foot Vintage Retro Teardrop Camper -
You can now make it just how you want it.
The perfect teardrop camper to test out the tiny trailer camping experience!
Roof leaks, a 6X9 rain tarp is included. Hook it up now and go on an adventure.

Very lightweight 740 total pounds with 120 pound tongue weight.
Sleeping floor is 48 by 72 inches.  Fixed round marine windows, electric fan roof vent.
Back opens up to a storage area and food prep galley.

Purchased in Fall of 2016 because I was curious about teardrop camping, towed it with a 4 cylinder Camry.

I used this little guy on 4 Illinois campouts, it has shock absorbers and follows very well. Bought this with the notion I would test teardrop camping then rebuild during Winter.
Unfortunately time is now very scarce.  We purchased another rather than rebuild.
Teardrop and tiny trailer camping outings are great and the people are even better.

This camper leaks, so I put a tarp over it (Thanks to Glenn) on the one camping night it rained. It will require a rebuild or could be used as a pattern to build new from scratch. The roof seams are separating from the trailer walls, as shown in the photos. This would be a good project for a woodworker or someone with mid level wood working or restoration experience, or would be a usable pattern to start with.

Each side of the trailer is a 4 foot by 8 foot piece, which could be used as a pattern and remade out of marine grade plywood, or plywood skinned with aluminum.

Trailer frame is steel, new hitch fits a 2 inch ball, brake lights and turn signals are the only lights that work, flat four light connector, tires hold air.
14 inch wheels have 5 lug nuts on standard four and a half inch pattern.

This vintage hand made teardrop camper trailer is water damaged but is truly fixable and really neat. The steel chassis is good but the wood will need a lot of help.

Cash only.  If its something you don"t need or want or just don"t like...
then move on. The trailer is being sold at a great price for what it is.

Let me know if you have any questions. No pictures are photo-shopped and we try to make sure we cover all bases so you know exactly what you are getting.
It is stored inside.

Text to come see it!   eight one five two zero zero 6948    Contact

Great deal.